What is midipad?

midipad is an exciting new app for the iPad/iPhone for music creation and live-performance.

The striking feature of midipad is its ability to directly communicate via network-MIDI-protocol. So there is no need to install any communication-peer-software on the Mac! Simply plug-and-play via Apple Bonjour - wireless.

This multitouch-capable midi-controller-application communicates with your Apple Mac your Windows-based PC and even standalone hardware-synths via Wifi.

So you can control all of your music-applications with just a few finger-gestures without having to sit at your desk and no annoying cable.

In the production-environment midipad can control host-applications like Apple Logic, Steinberg Cubase/Nuendo, Ableton Live etc.

It can also be used to control stand-alone applications from companies like Native-Instruments, Spectrasonics and many more.

As a live-musician you can control sub-mixes of your virtual keyboard-rig, activate setups and change parameters of the virtual instruments or even hardware-instruments - all in realtime on stage.

If you are a DJ, you can control your favorite application wireless as well.  So you just might take a stroll through your

ecstatic audience.

midipad incorporates various commonly used controller-types like buttons, trigger-pads, sliders, ribbon-control in one & two dimensions, rotary-knobs, or complete functionality blocks like transport-control.

midipad also reacts to midi-data from the connected remote computer, to provide instantaneous feedback for your performance.

Preconfigured setups, divided in seperate views can be activated concurrently.  Using multi-touch various functionality of the remote-software can be controlled. The features to be controlled can be configured by the user in the setup.

............... Features:

  1. +iphone OS

  2. +communicates with MacOs and Windows based PCs

  3. +communicates with stand-alone-applications and hardware

  4. +communicates via network-MIDI-protocol

  5. +plug & play via Apple Bonjour, wireless-LAN

  6. +multitouch Interface

Preconfigured setups:

  1. +studioView

  2. +djView

  3. +launchView

  4. +fxView

  5. +keysView

Any questions or wishes? Don‘t hesitate and get in contact:

info@midipad.de  or 

start     info    studioview    launchview     djview    fxview    keysview